Hi to all our Rainbow Crows members and Crows family

Just a little about me my name is Angela Cameron I am managing memberships and our amazing
merchandise. I have been a Rainbow Crows member for 5 years and on the committee for a couple
of months now I had done this same role before but had a bit of a break but I am back now very
keen to get back into it.

I went to the pregame event we had on Sunday 17/07/2022 we met at Tallulah Bright (the Colonel
Light Hotel). It was a cold day but we were soon warmed up with a hot breakfast served up by the
amazing friendly staff and while there weren’t many of us there it was still a lot of fun. I also got the
opportunity to see the space we have to watch the West Coast game on 07/08/2022 with lovely
couches chandeliers and beautiful pictures of some of our favourite screen stars. You can get food
and drinks at reasonable prices. While we haven’t had many wins this season it should be a good
game and if we lose we will surrounded by friends and family. Come and join me and some of the
other committee members, let us know what you want from us and we quickly move towards the
next AFLW season and I don’t know about you I am expecting two premierships in one year.
I know that Covid has been a real drain on everyone over the last few years and it’s been hard to get
out and about and add winter on top of that but it’s time to shake it off and come and join us
whenever you can. For those who might have not renewed their membership I would love to hear
why, just to make sure we are meeting the needs of our amazing community.

On the membership I have had the amazing opportunity to help design and see the new
membership item can I tell you I am sooooo excited.

Anyway if you want to let me know what you want or need from the Rainbow Crows I am here, if
you need some of our Merchandise let me know.

I really hope to see you at the watch party on 07/08/2022.

Have you checked out our new website it’s easy to use it’s a one stop shop for Rainbow Crows
merchandise, news and memberships we do a $10 flat rate for postage or items can be collected at
events and I usually bring a bag of merchandise to events.

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