Rainbow Crows have achieved Incorporated status! Woohoo!! In light of this, we held our
Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) on Wednesday 22 nd February 2023 at Diverse-City Adelaide, a
wonderful and inclusive venue on Grote Street, Adelaide. There was yummy finger food provided
and the staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the night. Brendan was also able to
livestream the IGM for members who were unable to join us in person on the night.

Rainbow Crows’ President, Brett welcomed Graeme Goodings, Elected board member for Adelaide
Football Club (AFC) members, and Sam Jacobs, AFC Engagement Executive, who attended to
provided information in relation to the direction of the AFC in the upcoming 2023 season. Graeme
and Sam were also able to answer questions in relation to the plan for the AFC moving forward. It
was acknowledged that the relationship between the AFLW Crows and the Rainbow Crows continues
to be strong and collaborative, however, Graeme and Sam spoke about the importance of striving to
develop the relationship between the AFC men’s team and the Rainbow Crows, working to ensure
there is support for Rainbow Crows members to be able to enjoy both the AFC men’s and women’s
games. We were very fortunate to also have two AFLW Crows players, Stevie-Lee Thompson and
Chelsea Biddell, attend and provided an opportunity to mingle, chat and answer questions from
Rainbow Crows members.

Moving on to the formalities of the IGM, Brett discussed the Inaugural constitution and advised
members of the overall financial breakdown of the Rainbow Crows Committee for the preceding
year. Brett spoke about his meeting with Tim Silvers CEO, including their discussion relating to the
AFC Diversity Action Plan. Included in this discussion were various plans for the facilities at both
Adelaide Oval, and the AFC’s new home ground at Thebarton. Notable points that were highlighted
included diversity initiatives at the future AFC grounds, and gender-neutral toilet facilities at
Adelaide Oval, to ensure an increased focus on inclusion for all community members and AFC

Brett outlined the current Rainbow Crows Committee members and their various roles within the
committee. Brett welcomed the two newest Rainbow Crows Committee members – Holly, in the role
of Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and Cindy, in the role of Fundraising Officer. As part of the
Rainbow Crows achieving Incorporated status, Brett advised that approximately half of the
committee roles will be open for election next year, the other half of the committee roles will be
open for election the following year. It is yet to be determined which roles will initially be open for
applications. A copy of the initial Rainbow Crows constitution was available to members on the
night, as well as an invite to the Rainbow Crows season launch Picnic to be held on Monday 13 th
March 2023.

All in all, it was a fantastic night and celebration of the Rainbow Crows achieving Incorporated
status! We can’t wait to see what the 2023 season has in store for the AFC men’s and women’s
teams and the Rainbow Crows!

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