Well it’s that time of the year footy has finished and we are all waiting for the next season to start. Some of the Rainbow Crows committee and Rainbow Crows members got together for a Christmas dinner at the Arab Steed on Hutt street. Some dressed in the spirit of Christmas and some in the spirit of footy. 

The food was amazing the drinks were flowing and many conversations about football and of course Christmas and what everyone is doing to celebrate.. 

We all said we were sad to see Ailish return home.  Ailish was a great supporter of the Rainbow Crows even walking part of the Pride March with us this year.

We have had some new members join us this year and it has been great getting to know them. We shared some of our memorable moments like huddling under a tarp in a huge thunderstorm, going to your first showdown and on the guard of honour not knowing what to do and being put in charge and everyone trying to confuse you. Pride game was an amazing show of support from the the club. 

Then there is the news the Crows will have a new nest in the years to come and a Mr Smith bought a house near the new nest. Hopefully the rebuilding of the mens team will see some more wins next season. We also had  two AFLW seasons in one year and I don’t know about you I love our team a team full of stars a team that’s like a family. 

Christmas means different things to different people, religious, family, friends, food, children and then there is me the Christmas crazy, putting on light show at our house, along with a Christmas village that has literally taken over the whole lounge. Oh and then there’s my gorgeous wife who is not so into Christmas, she goes out and I put on a Christmas movie. We get together with friends and family Christmas Eve and then Boxing Day we pack our caravan and we are off same place every year. I wouldn’t have it any other way so from the Rainbow Crows to you have an amazing Christmas in whatever way you celebrate.

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